Production capacity:
from 200 Kg to 500 Kg/h, from 500 Kg to 1.000 Kg/h, from 1.000 Kg to 1.500 Kg/h

Specially designed cooker-stretcher for the continuous cooking stretching and kneading of quality and wide variety of “pasta filata” cheeses types such as mozzarella, fior di latte, pizza-cheese and so on.
Particularly indicated for the industrial production of very soft cheeses with high humidity content, such as buffalo mozzarella and Italian traditional fresh mozzarella.
The DIMA skilful and long-term experience in the field combined with innovative approach has allowed perfecting the performance of its proven and reliable stretched cheese production solutions

The machine integrates the cooking water preparation, heating and circulation group.

  • Suitable with the necessities of industrial productions
  • High production rate, flexibility and excellent proven performance
  • Continuous or batch working, as per user’s wish
  • Water cooking stretching machine
  • Equipped with double (two) stretching and kneading arms sections
  • Adjustable speed of the two augers in the heating and pre-cooking section as per the production requirements
  • Adjustable speed of the cooking-stretching in the two stretching and kneading arms sections, independently, as per the production requirements
  • The flow and quantity of the cooking water is adjustable in accordance to the production capacity and product’s specifications and characteristics
  • Automatic control of the temperature of the cooking water
  • Includes the vat for preparing, heating and recirculating the water necessary for cooking & stretching
  • Equipped with frequency converters which make the operation extremely simple. Speed regulation done via push buttons located on ‎the control panel.
Optional features
  • Curd slicer (mod. DM02) directly assembled on the cooking stretching machine or on a supporting structure
  • Auger curd elevator (mod. SP31)
  • Automatic system for control and adjustment of the acidity of the fat water
  • Automatic system for salt control and adjustment of salt in the cooking water
  • Automatic C.I.P. cleaning
  • Control panel for automatic control PLC with touch screen HMI
  • Indirect heating of the cooking water through overheated water / or steam (indirect steam heating)

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