Production capacity:
from 1.000 Kg to 1.500 Kg/h, from 1.500 Kg to 2.500 Kg/h

The machine integrates the cooking water preparation, heating and circulation group and prearranged for auto

  • Perfect solution for industrial productions
  • High production rate, flexibility and excellent proven performance
  • C.I.P. perfectly cleanable
  • Continuous and constant working process
  • Water cooking stretching machine
  • Equipped with gentile mixing pre-cooking section with couple of ‎horizontal contra-rotating augers with adjustable speed to comply with the production requirements
  • Equipped with cooking and ‎stretching section with two contra-rotating inclined augers with adjustable ‎speed to meet the production requirements
  • Equipped with innovative system to eliminate possible water bubbles formed inside the cheese mass to ensure homogenous product
  • Equipped with a special device allowing to adjust the product extrusion pressure
  • The flow and quantity of the cooking water is adjustable in accordance to the production capacity and product’s specifications and characteristics
  • Automatic control of the temperature of the cooking water
  • Includes the vat for preparing, heating and recirculating the water necessary for cooking & stretching

Equipped with frequency converters which make the operation extremely simple. Speed regulation done via push buttons located on ‎the control panel.

Optional features
  • Curd slicer (mod. DM02/CIP) directly assembled on the cooking stretching machine or on a supporting structure
  • Curd block cutting with vertical cutting of the curd (mod. DM02-V/CIP)
  • Auger curd elevator (mod. SP31/CIP)
  • Curd feeding through curd cyclone by air blowing
  • Automatic system for control and adjustment of the acidity of the fat water
  • Automatic system for salt control and adjustment of salt in the cooking water
  • Automatic control of outfeed cheese temperature
  • Control panel for automatic control PLC with touch screen HMI
  • Indirect heating of the cooking water through overheated water / or steam (indirect steam heating)