Production capacity:
from 500 Kg to 1.000 Kg/h, from 1.000 Kg to 1.500 Kg/h, from 1.500 Kg to 2.500 Kg/h, from 2.500 Kg to 5.000 Kg/h

DIMA does not overlook any detail. We are convinced that the details, often, make the difference; the wisely thought details complete the answer and grant each Customer, simply, the perfect production solution.


DIMA manufacture a wide range of:

An applicable system in the production technology of all kinds of “pasta filata” cheeses, especially for pizza-cheese, kashkaval, kasar, suluguni… and generally cheeses with medium high salt content.  

  • AUTOMATIC DRY SALTING SYSTEMS to dose and apply, automatically, dry salt crystals to mozzarella and stretched cheese in the correct and pre-set ratio, proportional to the quantity of stretched curd coming from the cooking-stretching machine, which continuously passes through the dry salting group.
  • CURD SLICERS made in horizontal or vertical design, with or without automatic C.I.P cleaning, designed to cut the curd blocks in the desired dimension and flow and feed continuously the cooking stretching downstream equipment.
  • CURD TRANSPORT & CONVEYING SYSTEMS; a wide range of standard as well as customized solutions for curd transport and conveying to install in the production line. Inclined for curd elevation or horizontal design construction, with or without automatic C.I.P cleaning, made to comply with any production capacity and requirements.
  • Modular and compact construction
  • Constancy and homogeneity of the cheese mass and flow with the same consequence on the product quality
  • Accuracy of salt crystals dosing
  • Even distribution of salt over all the surface of the cheese‎ mass
  • Transport auger with variable speed, automatically ‎controlled to match a pre-set ratio of salt to the measured cheese flow.
  • Equipped with salt crystals storage tank
  • Fully automatic system (no manual handling of the product)
  • Production capacity and salt dosing adjustable as per Customer’s needs
  • Closed and hygienic design following the latest industrial hygienic and safety requirements
  • Full automatic process to grant the best result on the product hygiene and quality eliminating human intervention and eventual human errors
  • C.I.P. cleaning prearranged and perfectly cleanable
  • Equipped with frequency converters which make the operation extremely simple.
  • Automatic control with PLC-control and touch screen HMI; of the working and cleaning phases .