Production capacity:
from 200 Kg to 500 Kg/h

DIMA’s specific automatic and reliable extruding, pre-cooling and cutting systems customized to produce string-cheese (finger, stick cheese) DIMA’s made, providing excellent cheese quality, accurate cut of the cheese ropes and the large number of fibers which parallely pass along the length of the stick for a very stretchy and peelable product.

Possible products:

  • Stick, string, finger or long cord of cheese
  • Variable product diameter as per customer’s wish.

Variable product length as per customer’s wish.

  • Compact dimensions
  • Compatible with the necessities of medium and big size industrial productions
  • Extrusion of a set of parallel ropes of stretched “pasta filata” cheese.
  • Pre-cooling of the cheese ropes to get stable shape and diameter.
  • Transport of the cheese ropes to the cutting devices.
  • Automatic cutting of each rope at the required length by means of a set of independently controlled cutting devices to grant a very constant weight of the final product.
  • Adjustable string-cheese length.
  • Automatic C.I.P. cleaning.
  • Automatic PLC-control of extrusion, the pre-cooling and the cutting process
  • Flexibility and excellent proven performance
  • Continuous working process
  • Contain double auger extruding machine
  • Interchangeable extrusion heads for a large variety of sizes and weights of the cheese to achieve
  • Special construction of the extrusion cone. Thus allowing to get a stretched cheese product with large number of fibers which in parallel way pass along the length of the product and make it very stretchy and peelable
  • Constant cheese temperature and excellent results of the final products thanks to a heating jacket full of water that surround the outer surface of the augers area. The water inside the heating jacket is heated by electrical resistances
  • Automatic control of the temperature of the heating jacket
  • Equipped with frequency converters which make the operation extremely simple. Speed regulation done via push buttons located on ‎the control panel.