Clipped Cheese Making & Processing Equipment

Build your dairy plant with our wide selection of Clipped cheese & other special products production machinery!
and exclusive, unique DIMA dairy machines will innovate your dairy laboratory and plant.
  Want to produce Clipped cheese & other special products?
Will you use 100% natural curd? Opt for our water cooking and stretching technology.
Do you want to optimize the yield or use different ingredients for analogue cheese? Try our batch steam cookers. With a simple click, you can decide the extruding system, cooling & brining systems and choose the hourly production range based on your market demands! If you have a small artisan or pilot lab you can choose stretching and moulding or extruding machines that produce up to 500 kg/h.
While in the case of a large dairy company, you can opt for machinery that reaches even 5.000 kg/h! DIMA machines will allow you to always be one step ahead with the production of pasta filata cheese and give superiority to your products.