The values

Our values are the foundations that allow us to exist and to grow. One of the strength of a family Company, as it is DIMA, is the privilege to have everybody of our team sharing always the same values, which become part of our daily work and commitments.
  • Flexibilityand accuracy, serving customers
  • Constant innovation
  • Quality of the materials
  • Customer care
The flexibility and accuracy >in developing the projects constantly are two main features of basic operations of DIMA allowing conceiving for every Customer an individual and customized production solution. DIMA in fact produces machines and plants for the dairy industry which meet any production requirement: artisan production units as well as complete and highly automated dairy plants for all the production process of stretched cheese. The dynamic and ever changing dairy market is continually looking for new products and production solution. The attention that DIMA has forever dedicated to perceiving in advance the needs of the Clients has enabled it to guide the market trends anticipating innovative production solutions able to satisfy the most sophisticated requirement. DIMA production systems designed and built in Italy, are the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction, skilful execution and accurate selection of QUALITY COMPONENTS and MATERIAL. Those are essential fundamentals to provide to each dairy factory machinery, equipment and plants of proven performance, high quality level and reliability in operation over the course of time and years. Our mission could not be fulfilled without a sincere trust and full SATISFACTION of our CUSTOMERS. Reason ‎for which the commitment of all days is TO CARE OF EACH CUSTOMER until this target is achieved. Our ‎support starts already from the professional and experienced listening to your needs, go on during the proposal of the suitable ‎production solution, understanding your limits and expectations, providing reliable guarantee, supporting you technically and ‎technologically during and after the execution of the plant and always being ready with prompt feedbackWHEREVER YOU ARE.